What is Fest?

Our Friday night youth group program! It is available to all people who currently attend Secondary School. Each Friday night during the term we meet together for various activities. You’re guaranteed to be welcomed, have a blast, meet new friends, and be encouraged to be all that you can be. Come along and check it out.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Fest Term 4!

Wow, this year has actually gone really fast, when you look at it in Fest days. I swear there was no more than 30 Fest days this year. But it is not over yet! We are now heading into a new term of Festish funness. I heard on the grape vine that there will be nights such as a Beach fun night during the day, or at night, a super fun mega happy super heroes night and the annual or inaugrual) (Don't tell me that I spelt that wrong!) Doncaster Youth and Young Adults Formal! Yay!
I hope you are all enjoying Fest ("Youth Group", again for those who have forgotten the meaning of "Fest") at the moment! Yes? Yes. You shoudl be. Because it is awesomeface, and you should all appreciate it while you have it, because I will not have it next year, which is not the most happy thought in the world.
To make this post slightly more interesting, I added a picture to it. There two hands are actually drawing eachother! Drawing eachother! Wow!

Jono Croxford

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

SYG Results!

Congratulations all on taking the title of SYG 2007! I think many will agree that State Youth Games this year was a great experience, and much fun was had there. I thought it would be cool to mention where all the points that made us win came from, as it is such a team event, and the title was won not by any individual, but by everybody who participated, but unfortunately, there is just too many things that we did well at, so I haver just included the link to our results page, for anybody who is interested. Here it is:

Doncaster Church of Christ SYG Results 2007

I will hopefully have some sort of other review about SYG up here soon, but we will see.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Fest Camp!

Yes, many of our Fest Youth Group members came along to our Youth Group Camp during the holidays. And I'm sure everyone who came along will agree that it was an absolute blast! We did everything from wrestling in sleeping bags to hunting down lanterns in the dark. Awesome fun.


-Finding Ben's underpants in the fridge.
-Watching Jayson run around in his sleeping bag.
-Getting lost on the car trip there.
-Writing warm fuzzies! Yay! (*Go to http://fuzzypad.blogspot.com for more fuzzy goodness!)
-Eating Pizza.
-Having no electricity.
-Watching candle wax melt all over everything.
-Spending time with friends.
-Crawling around on the ground in the dark.
-Finding Simon in a tree.
-Looking all over the place for a roll of toilet paper!
-And more!